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Since Prof. Higa has introduced his Effective Micro-organisms in the 80s in agriculture, the application possibilities, both outside and within the agriculture have become almost endless. Also, the use of EM in pig farms is a worldwide success: from Japan to California, from Scandinavia to South Africa. Also in Europe, there are more and more companies that have switched to EM use, both for the stables as in the food.

Not only to the benefit of little piglets 
The typical pig stench disappears, which is very favourable for the operators, the local residents and not least for the animals themselves and for the environment in general. The animals grow healthier and the owner will save lots of money in different 

EM-experiences in Germany
Helmut Kokemoor runs a pig farm in Westphalia. He has modern stables and grows most of the food himself on his fields. The reason for applying EM was his growing dissatisfaction with the current production methods. He has also tried out homeopathy and other alternative means. However, major health problems kept coming back. The use of EM showed quick results:

  • By regular spraying and misting of EM-dilution in the stables the stable air became much better. This was already noticeable after the first time.
  • The animals are fond of the EM-liquid and try to catch as much as possible of the fine mist with their mouth. 
  • The animals become calmer.
  • By treating the slurry manure with EM, the emissions of the manure are reduced, more homogeneous, richer in easily absorbable nutrients for soil and plant.

Bokashi, with EM fermented organic material

The animals are very glad to eat the food with Bokashi. They take in more nutrients and their health condition improves

Helmut also mixes his own feed with Bokashi (with EM fermented organic material). The animals eat this food very gladly. They take in more nutrients and their health condition improves. With all these benefits the pigs gain weight faster and the quality of the meat is better. The vet is a rare guest. More in-depth research into the influence of EM-feed was carried out in the Swiss agricultural college in Zollikofen. For a certain period of time both piglets and pigs were followed up. The following results were recorded:

  • More intake of food.
  • De bokashi-feeders promote their health.
  • Extra increase in weight of an average of 40gr. per day during the final period.

Pig’s food 'made in Belgium'
Johan Lavens is a pig farmer and vegetable farmer. He has an enterprise with 300 sows and 65 acres of arable land. Within a radius of 5 km, there is an adequate supply of leave and vegetable remains, because it is not sellable, so that about 30% of the fodder comes from the short chain (instead of the far-away imported soya). Together with constructor Geert Vermeulen a system was devised to transfer these vegetable surpluses into useful high-quality fermented pig feed. Practically, it involves four operations: washing, milling, steaming, and fermenting with EM. That this is a savings is definite and Johan Lavens is excited about the other benefits:

  • The vegetable food is healthy and therefore also the animals.
  • He sees his system as a manner to tackle the antibiotics use.




Source: The German EM-journal