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Bio-health bvba strives to bring and to keep your racing pigeons into an excellent health/condition in a 100% natural way. A highly developed intestinal mucosa and microbiome are of great importance to this. This protects the organism while preventing the excessive occurrence of parasites, viruses, bacteria. Healthy intestines make it possible to absorb important nutrients, promote vitality and develop strong immunity.

Daflor “ High energy, healthy pigeons” (Daflor HE):

Is a patented ferment that contains the body's own butyrate, enzymes and proteins. Butyrate is naturally a fermentation product of anaerobic bacteria that converts fibre into butyrate in the intestine. Butyrate is anti-inflammatory, is an important energy source for the intestinal wall cells and thus ensures proper growth. In this way the pigeon has an excellent ability to absorb important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc., to promote a harmonious metabolism, increased vitality and the development of a strong immunity. Butyrate is not only found in the intestines, but also a source of energy for all organs and cells. 

Proteins ensure that when absorbed through the intestinal wall, the immunological resistance of the pigeon is strongly improved and maintained and are of great importance as more than half of the tissues in the pigeon's body consist of proteins. They are also important for the maintenance of the feathers:


               ● Daflor HE has both direct and indirect impact on overall health.

               ● Is anti-inflammatory.

               ● is a source of energy for all organs and cells.

               ● Brings and/or keeps the intestinal wall intact.

               ● Provides better digestion.

               ● Better absorption of nutrients.

               ● Ensures an optimal composition of the excrement.

               ● Performance enhancing.

               ● By listing the above and other health benefits not listed:  increased vitality, better performance,

                  increased urge to train, better moulting and breeding result, ....


Daflor HE is recommended by several specialist veterinarians.

Pigeon season 2020: 7 national victories and many national, provincial and regional top prizes.


Illness is a result. A consequence of a weakening self-healing ability. To keep pigeons healthy and in condition, a healthy microbiome is a top priority because more than 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines.

Advice for keeping pigeons naturally healthy:

We recommend mixing Daflor HE daily with the food or in the drinking water. On the one hand, the intestinal mucosa is strengthened and, on the other hand, the population of health-promoting micro-organisms increases. In this way, the natural self-healing ability of the pigeon can be restored or used to the maximum and the general health, vitality and condition are lifted to a higher level.



Daily throughout the year (breeding, moulting, racing period, aviary pigeons): mix 5 ml Daflor HE per litre of drinking water or 10 ml Daflor HE with 1 kg of feed. Can be combined with other products. Shake before use.


Cool and dark place. Store in the refrigerator after opening.