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To replace our Daflor fermented garlic extract we launch Daflor 3 in 1 Mix.

Bio-health bvba strives to bring and to keep your racing pigeons and birds into an excellent health/condition in a 100% natural way. A highly developed intestinal mucosa and microbiome are of great importance to this. This protects the organism while preventing the excessive occurrence of parasites, viruses, bacteria. Healthy intestines make it possible to absorb important nutrients, promote vitality and develop strong immunity.

Daflor 3 in 1 Mix​:

10 strains of oregano, thyme white oil,  cinnamon aldehyde, prebiotics (= Daflor Oregano Exclusive) + monobutyrine, + garlic essential oil.
This mix has already won its spurs in other sectors with fantastic results and was tested in pigeons by about 10 pigeon fanciers where the received feedback was described by everyone as a super product. 
Some started with 1 division, after 2 days the whole colony got the 3 in 1 Mix.. At another tester, after giving it to 1 division for a few days, the growers were quickly set (before pairing) with the 3 in 1 Mix (3 days 1.5 ml/ litre of drinking water and then 
1 ml/ litre of drinking water), also here the rest of the colony was provided with Daflor 3 in 1 Mix in the drinking water. Yet another tester used the same scenario and wanted to order 5 litters immediately, etc. First findings were lots of down feathers, super manure, whiter noses, pigeons feel like silk and walk pretty tight. All testers without exception are super satisfied. 

Is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-coccidiosis, has a positive effect on digestion and respiratory tract, blood purifying, etc. Economical to use.


                ● For healthy intestines. 

                ● Better digestion.

                ● Healthier respiratory tract.

                ● Greater training appetite.

                ● More down feathers.

                ● Beautiful manure.

                ● Etc.


By using Daflor 3 in 1 Mix every day, the pigeons & birds become and stay in top condition.

Illness is a result. A consequence of a weakening self-healing ability. To keep pigeons, birds, ...  healthy and in condition, a healthy microbiome is a top priority because more than 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines.



  • Every day, all year long (breeding, moulting, racing period, stuck pigeons) fresh to make,1,5 ml/ litre of drinking water.
  • If there are problems, the dosage may have been dried to 2 ml/L drinkwater.

  • New tests confirm 30% better effect when you boost weekly: 3 days a week 2 ml/L and 4 days 1 - 1.5 ml/L drinking water, 2 ml/L of drinking water may also be administered daily, especially with young pigeons, in case of increased stress or change of diet.

  • Shake before use.


Birds, poultry, fowl, etc.:

  • To be prepared fresh daily 0,5 – 1,5 ml/ litres of drinking water.
  • Shake before use.


Cool and dark place. Not in direct daylight.