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Is already widely used in industrial rearing farms of chickens, poultry, pigs,... for horses, to suppress diseases and stress, to stimulate the appetite or to replace antibiotics.

The Daflor Oregano Exclusive is incorporated in the correct dosage in Daflor 3 in 1 Mix.



Daflor “Oregano exclusive”:

The patented process produces smaller and more stable oil droplets. Because of this, they have a much more efficient effect. Many competitors focus on a single oil source, which limits their effectiveness. Most companies often focus on 1 or 2 components, sometimes from synthetic sources. We use a patented mixture of 10 strains of oregano, thyme white oil and cinnamon aldehyde, together with an exclusive prebiotic fibre, to supply a balanced, effective product that you can trust. The effect of essential oils is related to the know-how of selecting the right varieties, a specified cultivation, choosing the optimal harvest time in combination with the best method of processing, blending and mixing.


The unique prebiotic fibre serves as a favourite food source for beneficial bacteria, especially for bifidus and lactobacillus bacteria, which multiply through this diet and displace pathogenic bacteria. Different forms of prebiotics exist, and each has a unique physical structure that affects how it is broken down in the intestines. Most prebiotics have a long and narrow structure, leading to rapid fermentation before it can reach the lower intestine, limiting its effectiveness. Our prebiotics have a unique physical structure that is slowly fermented, due to the molecular bonds that are not easily broken down. Instead, the enzymes need time to unlock the structure so that the full-length beneficial bacteria can do their job across the entire length.


Exclusive patented Microfused essential oil.
Mix of 10 oregano strains, thyme, cinnamon
aldehyde and a unique prebiotic fibre.


  • Preventative: To be prepared fresh daily: 1 ml / 3 liters of drinking water, can be used together with Daflor HE.
  • In case of problems: 1 ml/litre of drinking water, 5 - 7 days.


Cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight

Storage life:

2 years from date of manufacture