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Highly recommended for coat problems (e.g. constant hair loss, fur odor, ...) and contamination with intestinal and/or intestinal parasites (e.g. giardia) or digestive problems, in almost all conditions there is a link with poor gut health & immunity just like in humans.

“ Bad guts = the mother of all diseases “

With a worm treatment, medication (including antibiotics) or other chemical substances, the intestinal flora is destroyed, here too Daflor Intestinal Cure can offer solace
to support general health and vitality in, for example, weakened or older dogs, …



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Dogs with unhealthy intestines can eventually develop all kinds of other complaints that at first sight have nothing to do with the intestines. Think of a smelly coat, excessive hair loss, dull coat, allergies, tumours, all kinds of inflammations, lack of vitality, chronic disorders, etc. New studies show that a poor intestinal flora can also cause behavioural problems (aggression, anxiety, depression, ...) and obesity. 


Daflor Intestinale Cure: 
The Daflor Intestinal Cure package contains 2 important supplements that are complementary to each other.

On the one hand we have Daflor Intestinale, this is a liquid ferment, rich in the body's own butyrate (short-chain fatty acids) and microbial cells. Butyrate is produced by bacteria in the gut in healthy dogs and is the main source of nutrition for intestinal wall cells. Studies in animals with a disease have shown that the amount of butyrate in the gut and the variety of good bacteria in the gut flora were greatly reduced, indicating that butyrate and gut flora play an important role in maintaining a good health. It has been scientifically proven that butyrate is the pre-eminent product that nourishes the intestinal wall cells and thus ensures their proper growth, is anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, has anti-tumour properties and a liver protective effect, improves insulin resistance, plays an important role in the hormone balance. The fatty acids not used by the cells in the gut travel through the bloodstream to all cells and organs where they are a source of energy. The microbial cells in the ferment also have a strong immune-stimulating effect. 1 bottles of Daflor Intestinale is good for at least 3 months of use for small dogs - 2 months in medium dogs - 1 month in large dogs.

On the other hand we have Daflor ProbioMix, this supplement contains different strains of Probiotics, L-Glutamine, Yeast, Pectin, and Clinoptilolite. This supplement helps to restore the balance of the intestinal flora, supports the immune system and promotes protection against pathogenic microorganisms by producing or competing with bacteriocins for the availability of nutrients and their adhesion to the intestinal mucosa. It also ensures better digestion of the nutrients and has a detoxifying effect. This supplement is complementary to the liquid ferment. 

Daflor Intestinal Cure ensures that the intestinal wall, 
intestinal mucosa, intestinal flora and immunity are quickly revover.



Many dogs with various problems such as profuse hair loss, digestive problems, Giardia parasite, unpleasant coat smell, etc. have already been helped by the use of Daflor Intestinal Cure.


First, it is important to take a close look at your dog's diet. Just like with humans, food is the basis for good intestinal health and a healthy mind. The condition of the intestines and the intestinal flora are more than 70% decisive for immunity and general health. In the past, the dog received the leftovers from the table, offal and entrails, ... nowadays his food comes from boxes or chunks in a bag, as a result of the processing process, the current food is a dead food and as a result has nothing of microbial value, microbial cells are of great importance for achieving good intestinal health.

So, ensure a good natural diet that contains as few carbohydrates as possible, no grains, preservatives, colourings, flavours or other chemical products, but as much good proteins and fats as possible (real meat and no animal by-products), vegetables, berries, herbs or other natural substances in their original form. 

Just like with people, an extra daily support of a good probiotic is not an unnecessary luxury.

Treatment of coat problems and foodallergies:
A food allergy can cause a reaction in the intestinal tissue that leads to increased intestinal permeability. A leaky gut then lets the larger food molecules through. These are seen as hostile (antigen) by the immune system so that it attacks them.                                                                     

Mix Daflor Intestinal + Daflor ProbioMix together with the food until the vials are empty. 
Treatment of Giardia: 
Step 1:  Giardia is generally treated with Panacur (we recommend consulting your vet for this) + at the same time mix Daflor Intestinal with the food until the faeces are normal and the medication is completed. 
Step 2: Mix Daflor Intestinal + Daflor ProbioMix with the feed until the vials are empty or for an appropriate period of at least 3 months (this is approximately the maximum survival period of the giardia parasite). 

As a cure after drug or worm treatment & as health support & increasing stamina:  Mix Daflor Intestinal + Daflor ProbioMix with the food until the vials are empty. If desired, Daflor Intestinal Cure can also be given daily or as an annual cure to support vitality and general health. Recommended for weakened, older dogs or puppies, you will see the weakened or older animals brighten up and become more active in a very short time, in puppies Daflor Intestinal Cure ensures that a strong immunity is developed so that the dog is less susceptible as an adult to infections or other conditions and has a longer life expectancy. (We do not replace a vet)