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Bio-health bvba strives to bring and to keep your racing pigeons into an excellent health/condition in a 100% natural way. A highly developed intestinal mucosa and microbiome are of great importance to this. This protects the organism while preventing the excessive occurrence of parasites, viruses, bacteria. Healthy intestines make it possible to absorb important nutrients, promote vitality and develop strong immunity.


Good intestinal health is very important for the good performance of pigeons & birds. Intestinal flora largely determines the proper functioning of the intestine. That is why controlling the intestinal flora is a good strategy to optimise the functioning of the intestine and digestion.

Daflor Protect is a probiotic micro-encapsulation of live lactic acid bacteria (Enterococcus faecium) that can be added daily to drinking water to improve intestinal health in pigeons & birds. It stabilises the intestinal flora, reduces digestive problems, thus increases performance and improves feed conversion.


Colonisation by lactic acid bacteria in microvilli and crypts
= reduced attachment by pathogens

Just drinking water or feed:

Colonisation at the level of the villi.

Drinking water or feed + Daflor Protect:

Colonisation by lactic acid-forming bacteria (red fluorescence)
deep into the crypts of villi.

Illness is a result. A consequence of a weakening self-healing ability. To keep pigeons healthy and in condition, a healthy microbiome is a top priority because more than 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines.

Daflor Protect has a direct and indirect effect on the intestinal function:


  1. Improve digestion
  2. Biofilm formation on intestinal wall
  3. Production of antimicrobials.


  1. Control of the intestinal flora via lactic acid

Use for pigeons and birds:
(1 jar = 400 litres of drinking water or 200 kg of feed)

Dissolve 1 measuring spoon of Daflor Protect daily in 10 ml Daflor HE and
mix with 1 kg feed or 1 measuring per 2 litre of drinking water +
2-3 ml Daflor 3 in 1 Mix.

Shelf life:
2 years after production date.

To keep:
Cool and dry place.