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Bio-health bvba strives to bring and to keep your racing pigeons into an excellent health/condition in a 100% natural way. A highly developed intestinal mucosa and microbiome are of great importance to this. This protects the organism while preventing the excessive occurrence of parasites, viruses, bacteria. Healthy intestines make it possible to absorb important nutrients, promote vitality and develop strong immunity.

Daflor “ High energy, healthy pigeons”:

Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" contains butyric acid. Butyric acid is absorbed very quickly in the intestine. It is pre-eminently the product that feeds the intestinal wall cells. So: the ferment includes a rapid supply of butyric acid which ensures good growth of the intestinal wall. In this way, the pigeon has a great ability to absorb important nutrients, developing a strong immunity and vitality. The hydroxybutyric acid also ensures that Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" is an energy bomb for the consuming pigeon.

The ferment also contains high-quality proteins. Proteins ensure that, when ingested through the intestinal wall, the immunological resistance of the animal is strongly fine-tuned and maintained and are of great importance since more than half of the tissues in the body of the pigeon consist of proteins. They are also important for the maintenance of the feathers.


Illness is a result. A consequence of a weakening self-healing ability. To keep pigeons healthy and in condition, a healthy microbiome is a top priority because more than 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines.

Advice for keeping pigeons naturally healthy:

We recommend using both Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" in the feed and Daflor "fermented garlic extract" in drinking water. On the one hand, the intestinal mucosa is strengthened and on the other hand the population of health-promoting microorganisms increases, so the natural self-healing ability of the pigeon can be used again to the maximum and the general health, vitality and condition raised to a higher level. Not to mention that the individual pigeon, loft climate, nutrition and general guidance also play a crucial role in order to succeed.



  • 5 - 10 ml Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" per kg feed, after 5 - 10 minute waiting, the feed is dry again.
  • 3 - 5x per week to be prepared fresh.
  • During flying season, depending on the distance, 2 – 5 days in a row until basketing. 


refrigerator (+/- 5°C)