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In their digestive tract, pigeons absorb the environment (air, water and food), which is converted by microbes and bacteria into an assimilable form for them. The bacteria have multiple functions and affect on a large scale their resistance system, their nerves, their hormone system and their brains. The digestive tract is triple-protected by bacteria from potentially pathogenic organisms. If the soils on which is cultivated are healthy, the crops are as well. Such plants, seeds, ... are already disease resistant on the field and contain an abundance of positive bacteria, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants.

Thus the pigeons develop a strong immunity against the outside world. As the soils are nowadays microbially disturbed by contamination (insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, etc.) these crops, cereals, ... weaken the resistance of the pigeons and contain hardly any vitamins, enzymes .... Also other factors such as medication, earth radiation, ... have a negative impact on the immune system of the pigeons. By adding daily Daflor in the drinking water of the pigeons, the population regenerative micro-organisms increase, the pigeons will get back an optimal digestion and build up strong natural resistance. Daflor also has a strong anti-oxidative effect and also ensures the diffusion of positively working resonance waves.



  • Daflor is based on a unique combination of fermentative
  • Daflor ensures that the population of positive micro-organisms increases.
  • Daflor does not kill, it is not an antibiotic, but a unique mixture of
    life stimulating micro-organisms
    . The advantage of this is that
    there are no new deviant strains developing with even
    greater resistance. 
  • Daflor strengthens the immunity in a natural way.
  • Daflor ensures the spreading of positive acting resonance waves.
  • Daflor ensures an excellent moulting.
  • Daflor ensures a good appetite.
  • Daflor ensures a perfect digestion.
  • Daflor for perfect manure.
  • Daflor ensures a better muscle development.
  • Daflor ensures that the pigeons start to train very hard 
  • Daflor ensures unseen breeding results.
  • Daflor prevents and or supports the healing of child diseases with young pigeons.

Dosage / preservation

Daily (to be used fresh) 10ml Daflor in 1l of water - store in original
packaging and in a cool place