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  • With EM fermented
    garlic - honey extract
    for pigeons


  • Better utilisation of the grains.
  • Better feed conversion, better growth.


  • Probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, organic acids.
  • Better resistance.
  • Lower antibiotics use.


  • Healthy pigeons.  
  • Better fertilisation, better breeding, strong healthy young ones.
  • Bigger appetite, better training, better performance, better recuperation.
  • Better moult.

Pigeons salmonella  and medicines free.

Pigeons are an example of elegance, speed, endurance and reliability. 
In small and large swarms, they fly as fast as arrow across the roofs.

Situation in the Ruhr area (Germany)

In the post-war years the breeding of pigeons was the most popular hobby in the Ruhr area. There were about 100,000 amateurs, now only half. However, the number of pigeons, about 5 million, has almost not changed. Breeders keep more pigeons today than they used to. Pigeons were and are not always bred under ideal conditions. Often the dove loft is too cramped, there is too little ventilation and there is too little mucking. Not only the gases of the feces, but also the dust of the feathers, cause the animals to suffer a lot, especially in the summer, when it is hot and dry under the roofs, where most of the dove lofts are located. 

Particularly threatening are the germs, which can spread rapidly in these places. They can also be brought along from trips together with other animals and from long flights. Including infection with Salmonella, E-coli bacteria, viruses, .... If a dove loft has become infected, it must be treated with antibiotics in a massive way: a very heavy burden on animals.

Disease is a result. A result of a weakening of the self-healing ability of the pigeon.
If we support the self-healing ability of the pigeon, there is no disease any more.

The discovery of EM (Effective micro-organisms).

Harald Shuka from Westphalia Germany is a pigeon breeder since his childhood. He breeds his 200 pigeons in a detached building in his garden. He also knows the problems and fears of salmonella, E-coli infection, viruses, .... For a long time, he had been looking for solutions until he heard of EM. Fascinated he informed himself further. When it was clear to him that EM would be useful in many ways, he first consulted how he could use it with his pigeons to support their health and protect them from all kinds of diseases. He started by giving them EM daily in the drinking water, once to twice a week an EM-mist is sprayed in the lofts, twice a year the lofts are completely cleaned with an EM-solution.


By this treatment his pigeons have:
  • A wonderful SILKY SOFT PLUMAGE.
  • A HEALTHY INTESTINAL FLORA, which an experienced pigeon breeder can notice from the condition of the feces.
  • His pigeons are downright FIT AND HEALTHY, this is also confirmed by the HIGH FERTILISATION PERCENTAGE OF THE EGGS..

Longer performance capacity.

The objective of the pigeon breeders is not only to keep healthy and beautiful pigeons, but also their dedication in flying competitions. Harald Shuka has postponed this beautiful sport for several years, but in the spring of 2010 he has again started to send pigeons to races.

The first results were very satisfactory. His pigeons had more endurance. While the ability to perform normally lasts about 3 years, his pigeons are still competitive after 5 years.

Thanks to the discovery of EM, Harald Shuka has achieved his objective, namely: pigeon breeding without medication. 
Now he can in a relaxed way, without worrying about illnesses or health problems, continue his daily activity with pleasure.

The EM technology is already widely used worldwide in the poultry and pig industry, livestock, with horses, ...
and this with fantastic results with which the use of antibiotics can be drastically reduced. 


Source: EM Journal December 13, 2014